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      The Confucius Institute of San Francisco University at Quito, Ecuador was established in December, 2010. As the only CI in Ecuador now, it is jointly operated by UFSQ and CUP and has become a vibrant learning center of Chinese language and culture for all – providing the local students and community with a taste of Chinese life on and off the UFSQ campus. It offers:

      - Standard and tailor-made Chinese language lessons of different levels

      - Credit courses at UFSQ such as  Introduction to Oriental Philosophy

      - Classes of Martial Arts including Tai Chi and Kung Fu

      - A variety of cultural activities, including celebration of traditional Chinese festivals, Chinese movie/music/dance appreciation, calligraphy workshops, costume show of minority groups in China, Open Day of Confucius Institute, Chinese language Proficiency Competition, etc.

      - Summer/Winter camps which take the Chinese language learners to China for improving language skills and experiencing Chinese culture

      - Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK, HSKK) , the result of which could be used to apply for universities in China

      For nearly a decade, the Confucius Institute has set up teaching branches at several main cities in Ecuador, with an accumulated student number of over 22,000. More than 220 cultural activities have been organized with over 22,600 participants. The CI has also fulfilled many students’ dream of furthering their study in China.

      With great efforts from both universities, the CI has played an important role in bridging Ecuador and China and deepening mutual understanding for the people of two countries.